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Environmentally responsible, scrap metal services in and around Exeter and Devon

As well as Skip Hire and waste removal we are also scrap metal specialists.

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We pay great prices for a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals and are one of the top buyers of Industrial, commercial, factory and domestic metals in Devon.

Our scrap services include:

Site clearances, Shop clearances, House clearances, Factory clearances, Farm machinery
We can accept any Scrap Metal at our Paignton and Exeter depots including:
* Stainless steel and iron
* Alloys
* Aluminium
* Copper
* Brass
* Lead
* Tin
* Nickel
* Zinc
* Car and other vehicle batteries
* Washing machines
* Tumble dryers
* Production waste including cuttings and filings
* Catalytic converters
* Girders

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