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EMS Waste Services is a family run business with family values running through the Company from Director to Operator, focusing heavily on service, image and customer commitment.

Welcome to EMS Waste Management and Skip Hire. Part of the Stuart Group, EMS is a leading waste management company providing turn key solutions for business. Providing bespoke waste management solutions for industry our clients trust us to provide the right solution first time every time.


Our History

The EMS Waste Services story dates right back to the 1940s, when Mr Alf Stuart bought a second-hand Dodge and began to transport cattle. From here, a family business was born.

By the time that brothers, Roy and Ross, were leaving school, the business had expanded enough to bring them on board and sales were thriving.

To meet the demands of the changing industry, they built a new repair workshop and cattle lairage which was large enough to accommodate an impressive 1,000 cattle. It turned out to be well situated, being next to the proposed M5 Exeter Road at what would later become busy Junction 30.

Diversifying the business

In 1977 they were ready to expand again – opening a new garage repair business, Stuart’s Commercials, which became the official Volvo Truck Dealer for Devon.

By the 1980s, Stuart’s was ready to move out of the cattle haulage business and began growing their fledgling storage business – boosted unexpectedly by the Miner’s Strike of 1984.

The enterprising family didn’t stop there however and by the end of the 80s, they were growing a healthy farm enterprise. Roy also opened up an Inert Landfill Site at Hill Barton, spotting future growth opportunities in waste management.

Growth and evolution

Building on earlier success, the Stuarts’ garage business took over the Volvo Dealerships at Saltash and Redruth in Cornwall in 2004, relocating the Saltash depot to a new workshop in Plymouth and investing in improvements at the Redruth site.

Meanwhile, the recycling side of the business was hotting up, and the Stuarts bought EMS Skip Hire and Waste Services; an already successful business.

Between 2012 and 2015 they brought Devon Contract Waste skips, AJS Skips, Cox Waste, ASAP Skip Hire and Bay Skips into the fold, along with a new scrap site, strengthening the range of services offered to Devon customers.

A thriving multi-service family business

Today, the Stuarts’ farm comprises several thousands of acres of rich and productive arable land, producing high-quality beef from over 1,600 cattle every year.

The original Hill Barton landfill site is now a busy private recycling centre with over 70,000 tons of recycled crushed concrete produced and sold each year.

Meanwhile, Stuart’s Truck and Bus services cover the entire South West peninsula, spanning Bridgwater, Bridport and through to Land’s End, and over 80 staff and 30 lorries provide Devon with Skip Hire and Waste services.

Get involved

The Stuart family business is progressive, exciting and diverse. Its energy and ambition remains as strong today as when the brothers first began their enterprises.

We are always looking for great people to join our business and to work with us to deliver excellent services to the communities of Devon. Please contact one of our team to find out more.

Our waste services include Skip Hire and various Waste Management solutions from general mixed municipal waste to Asbestos disposal.

We pull from a vast knowledge base and our dedicated employees. This kind of experience and commitment ensures our clients get the advice, competitiveness, and above all, service that you would come to expect from a Company specialising in one of the most heavily regulated industries in the U.K

Our customers know they can count on us for high quality services, unwavering reliability and above all else, expert advice on the right type of waste management for them. So why don’t you join them?

Our Green Ethos

Above all else, EMS Waste Services are committed to providing the most environmentally responsible service possible. Currently, we recycle 95% of all the waste we recover – and we’re constantly working towards improving that figure.

We also make it our aim to keep our customers informed and aware of ways they can recycle whether at home or at work. Together, we can work towards zero to landfill.

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