Waste Management

95% of all waste recycled

Struggling with waste? The trouble is it just keeps coming… so you need a solid waste management plan in place to keep on top of it! EMS Waste Services offer a complete waste management service in Exeter and Devon, collecting your waste, sorting it, recycling it and disposing of it safely. We can offer you all the advice and assistance you need; simply get in touch today!

Our waste transfer station

With our own waste transfer station in Weighbridge, we sort and process all waste ourselves. Our facility is licensed to accept a variety of waste, including construction / demolition waste, household waste, asbestos and bonded waste, WEEE waste and farm plastic.

We will require a copy of all Waste Carriers licences for customers wanting to use our facility, or proof of exemption.

What happens to the waste?

When your waste arrives at our waste transfer station in a skip or vehicle load, it is weighed and then transferred into a holding bay. It is then pre-sorted before being put though our picking station for further processing.

The picking line sorts and segregates the soil, stone, metals, wood, glass and plastics from the active wastes.

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Recycling – where the waste goes

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